Caribbean Holiday Cruise on Norweigan Epic

Caribbean Cruise

Holiday cruises are special. Unlike the typical cruise where the average age of a guest is somewhere around 75, Holiday cruises include a lot young families and younger couples on board. The vibe is different; it’s more lively. Therefore, I actually enjoy it. So, this past Christmas, my parents, my husband and I went on a Caribbean Cruise with Norweigan Epic. Here was my experience.

First of all, I was a cynic before coming on board…

I’ve been on cruises before, and my opinion of them wasn’t amazing. I felt they were wasteful and indulgent to the extreme. Of course, at the time, I was a young backpacker who didn’t want to spend more than a couple bucks for a bunk bed every night. Times have changed, not only for me, but also for cruise lines.


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