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  1. Michele Guerin
    March 22, 2017 / 6:20 pm

    I’m trying to find an informational blog about ‘Tiny House Living’ that allows for communication and questions back and forth. I am transitioning my life, after 40 years of being a “Mainstream’ Homeowner in a bit of an eclectic house to living more of a “Gypsy Life’ for a year or two. after selling. I’m readying my house for sale and looking at options, Tiny House living on the road is one of them. I’ve read a few articles but mostly the Tiny House blogs have to do with building or buying a Tiny House. My issue is that I have two adult, older but healthy cats that have to come with me. I don’t read much about having pets on the road- especially cats.
    Dogs do what the owners want and can go on a leash to go outside and do what dogs do- run/play and their ‘business’. I have two cats ~ 10 yrs old that are used to coming and going (in and out of the house) as they please. They roam about a bit, knowing their way home. I live off the street so the road is not -Right There- and they know to avoid cars.
    My concern is what to do with them ‘on the road’ in a Tiny House. They may get used to being in the house as we move from place to place- but what then? How do I let them out? The one does not even use a litter box- he goes outside. This is a Very Big Issue for me- what to do about my cats? And giving them up is just NOT an option…..

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