20 Photos of India That Will Make You Want to Visit. (Don’t Miss the Last One)

20 Photos of India That Will Make You Want to Visit. (Don’t Miss the Last One)

India is an enormous country, filled with billions of people, dozens of religions and languages, and thousands of years of history. If that’s not enough to blow your mind, it’s also one of the last places on earth where there are wild tigers – and you can go on safari to see them! Traveling around India is an absolutely wild experience, especially as a first-timer. And while I could write article after article trying to describe the sensation, I think that I’ll let these 20 India travel photos do the talking for me.

20 India Travel Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit

All of the photos below were taken during my 10-day tour of the Golden Triangle plus Ranthambore National Park. I do realize there is A LOT more to India than this small, heavily visited area. But, I think these photos beautifully showcase the attractions that are typically seen on a first trip to the country. For more info on my itinerary and tour, including a vlog of my entire trip, check out this article.
India Travel Photos Jaipur, India

1). Amber Fort – Jaipur

India Travel Photos

2). Akbar’s Tomb – Agra

India Travel Photos Mirror Palace India

3). Mirror Palace – Jaipur

India Travel Photos4). Wild Tiger – Ranthambore National Park

India Travel Photos

5). Taj Mahal – Agra

India Travel Photos Red Fort

6). Red Fort – Agra

India Travel Photos

7). Staircases – Jaipur

8). Qutub Minar – Delhi

9). Red Fort – Agra

10). Isa Khan Niazi’s Tomb – Delhi

11). Smiling Monkey & Baby – Ranthambore

12). Qutub Minar – Delhi

13). Hawa Mahal (Wind Palace) – Jaipur

14). Red Fort – Agra

15). Amber Fort – Jaipur

16). Taj Mahal – Agra

17). Jeep Safari – Ranthambore National Park

18). Humayun’s Tomb – DelhiIndia Travel Photos

19). Tiptoeing Monkey  – Taj Mahal

India Travel Photos

20). Getting Engaged  – Taj Mahal

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!!! This is obviously my favorite of my India travel photos. If you want to know more about my engagement story at the Taj Mahal, watch the video in this article.

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