Morocco’s Blue City Photography: 5 EASY Tips for Instagram

Morocco’s Blue City Photography: 5 EASY Tips for Instagram

Chefchaouen, also known as Morocco’s Blue City, has been photographed over and over again by just about everyone who has visited in the last 20 years. Yet, there are still those creative individuals that manage to create unique, gorgeous shots. How do they do it? Well, it’s not as hard as you might think, and I can show you how! Read on for my Morocco Blue City easy photography tips. Following these tricks will elevate your photos to Instagram gold.

5 EASY Photography Tips for Creating Unique Images in Morocco’s Blue City

1). Color the Scene

The easiest way to make your photographs really ‘”pop” in Chefchaouen is to feature a bright color that is on the opposite color spectrum to blue. So red, gold, yellow, pink, and orange will really stand out.

The below is an untouched image of an orange in the Blue City, taken with an iPhone. Pretty amazing color contrast, right?!

Embrace the Blue City’s natural color saturation!

Since taking photographs in the Blue City is all about color, don’t wear black or white. It’s also important to pay attention to the patterns in your clothing. Do they distract from the patterns around you? Or do they reflect those patterns and elevate them?

Leave the plaid shirt at home and purchase a local textile!

You can also choose to feature an analogous color – like purple or green, to create some interesting tones, but stay away from blues as they will blend right in and make your images feel flat (unless that’s what you’re going for).

2). Add Movement to the Shot

Even a small movement, such as a step or a arm swing, can elevate your shot.

Anyone can take a portrait of someone standing on a blue staircase, but if you add a little movement to the shoot it all of the sudden becomes A LOT more interesting. Try running, spinning, or dancing in the alleyways! Wear a dress or wave a scarf. Play with long exposures. Doing this extra step will set your photos apart from the others.

3). Avoid Crowded Areas (or Pay for Private Locations)

There are privately own courtyards and stairways all over the Blue City where you can take photographs without crowds lurking in the background (for a small fee). Usually these areas are decorated and freshly painted. The downside? You’ve seen them all over the internet.

If you’re having a hard time escaping the crowds you can pay >$1 USD for a few minutes in a private location!

4). Play with Focus

Getting creative, even in the most photographed location, can make your photos stand out from the rest. Sometimes it can be interesting to place an object in front of the lens. Play around and have fun with it!

That being said, adding too many elements to the image can be distracting. Be careful or you might over complicate the shot! Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple.

5). Choose the Perfect Time to Shoot

The walls of the blue city are tall, but they still cast shadows. Dark shadows and bright highlights can bring unpleasing contrast to your shot, especially at or around midday. To get the most evenly lit shot, shoot when the sun is lower in the sky, but not too low! Twilight can bring even more blue light to your images, which can make them feel flat. You want your images to be bright and saturated, and you need light to accomplish that. Finding the right light is a delicate balance.

Check out my One Week Itinerary for Morocco!

If possible, spend a few days in the Blue City to observe how the light acts in the alleys. This will help you decide when it’s best to shoot.

Also…. Cats!

Cats are everywhere in Morocco, so you will have no problem finding the perfect furry friend to pose for you. Maybe bring some treats to give them as well (many of the cats are starving).

We all know that cats

are the true Instagram – if not internet – gold!


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    Wow, it’s a fantastic images and very interesting blog. I am glad about your work. Thanks for sharing us

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    Wow, it’s a fantastic images and very interesting blog. I am glad about your work. Thanks for sharing us

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